Silk mustard yellow blouse and Dior heels

I love yellow recently. Especially that mustard tone which is pretty difficult to find. This silk blouse is again from shop. Honestly, 100% silk for this kind of weather is exactly what needed, no polyester, just silk. Remember about the discount, I'm giving you more details below! What's interesting the high waisted LEE denim trousers are real 20 years old purchase made in the US. They were bought for my little brother at first but he never even tried them on. Now, after 20 years when culottes are in fashion these are just perfect! I'm extremely glad they fit me well too. They spent a long time in a wardrobe to experience these photos taken :D The shoes - another pretty interesting part of the outfit as they're genuine Dior vintage heels. I love the silver padlock detail at the back and also the fact they're incredibly comfortable! No make up was used to take these photos, say hello to my bare face.

Here's the coupon code I mentioned: Magdalena658 for $5 off when spending over $50 at

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